Voters in the Washington School District Tuesday rejected a $65 million bond issue with a 46-cent property tax increase.

According to unofficial election results, there were a total of 3,415 votes against the bonds and 2,928 in favor of the district.

Out of that total, there were 2,941 votes cast in Franklin County against the bond proposal and 2,403 votes cast in favor of it. The proposal required a 57 percent majority for passage.

Washington City Races

In Washington, three incumbents and one newcomer won city council seats in Tuesday's election.

Challenger Josh Brinker unseated incumbent Carolyn Witt in the Ward 4 council race. Brinker won with 382 votes compared to Witt who raked in 253 votes.

In Ward 2, incumbent Mark Hidritch will remain in his seat after receiving 575 votes while 336 votes were cast for challenger Charlie Schroepfer.

In the race for Washington municipal judge, incumbent Craig Hellmann won over challenger Michael Wade Clark. Hellmann raked in 1,959 votes compared to Clark who received 794 votes.

Councilman Tim Brinker, Ward 3, and Councilman Steve Sullentrup, Ward 1, both ran unopposed and were re-elected to their respective seats. City Attorney Mark Piontek, incumbent, also ran unopposed and retained his seat.

Pacific Races

In the Pacific alderman race for Ward 2, incumbent Jerry Eversmeyer appears to be the winner. He received 129 votes in Franklin County. There were 47 votes cast for Stephen Woodruff and 43 votes for Dave Monroe in the county. William C. Hohman got 12 votes.

In the Ward 3 Pacific alderman race, incumbent Mike Pigg brought in 117 votes in the county and appears to be the winner in that race. There were 66 votes cast for Matt Agee and 58 votes for Matt Vickers.

Ward 1 Alderman Ed Gass, who ran unopposed, retained his seat in the election.

Sullivan/St. Clair Races

As for Proposition A, the Sullivan School District's $1.2 million bond issue with no tax increase, there were 331 yes votes cast and 102 no votes cast in Franklin County, but votes from the rest of the district in other counties have not been released yet.

Incumbent Lynne Huff will keep her seat as the collector in the city of St. Clair. She received 261 votes. Challenger Tracy Komo got 48 votes, Melisa Harman received 34 votes and Kecia Coleman raked in 31 votes.

In the race for the St. Clair R-XIII School Board, incumbent Steven Pelton was re-elected to the board with 548 votes. Voters also voted in newcomer Michael L. Drewel who received 396 votes. The other candidate, Billy Masson, got 165 votes.

Other Races

Voters Tuesday also decided races for the East Central College board of trustees.

In Subdistrict 1, incumbent Donald Kappelmann received a total of 5,638 votes across the six counties that make up the junior college district. The majority, 4,912 votes, were from Franklin County. Challenger Dr. Joseph Stroetker got 2,542 votes total, with 2,127 votes in Franklin County.

In Subdistrict 2 Ann Hartley and Kathryn Hurlbert vied for an unexpired term of a former board member who moved out of the district. In this race, there were 4,843 total votes for Hartley, with 4,256 from Franklin County. A total of 3,172 votes were cast for Hurlbert with 2,648 in Franklin County.

In the race for Union R-XI School Board, Gary Young and Ron Sohn, both incumbents, won. Young received 699 votes and Sohn got 558 votes. The other two candidates were Kelly Vitt with 517 votes and Chad Cummings with 300 votes.

New Haven voters approved a park tax proposal with 146 yes votes and 56 no votes.

Polling places in Franklin County closed Tuesday at 7 p.m. There were 9,419 ballots cast in the county April 3 out of a total of 63,999 registered voters. That is nearly a 15 percent turnout rate.

Results can be viewed on the Franklin County website at by clicking on the "April 3, 2012 election results" link.

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