Bill Seamon

A longtime baseball coach in the Four Rivers Conference has written and self-published a book about coaching.

Bill Seamon, who was a coach at Owensville High School for more than 25 years, wrote a book called “The Coaches Playbook — Developing a Philosophy for Coaching Baseball.”

“Baseball is my love,” Seamon said, “and I wanted to write a book that no one else has ever written.”

He said there are many books on playing the game but hardly any about coaching.

“It’s designed to teach what it takes to be a coach, how to be a coach and how to develop your own philosophy,” Seamon said.

He said the book explains several things that many beginner coaches may not know about.

“It’s frightening,” he said of being a first-year coach. “It has things I would’ve liked to have known.”

The book is based on his personal experiences and offers a “toolbox” for coaches. It covers offensive and defensive drills and adapting strategies to individual teams’ programs.

One part of the book tells the story of how he and another coach from Ohio accepted children with disabilities onto their teams.

He concludes with discussions about community service and building team unity.

Seamon said when he was a coach, his players would visit nursing homes or help families of individuals who had been in accidents.

The book also lists a glossary of baseball lingo and coaches’ associations.

“I’ve been active in a coaches’ association for my entire career,” he said.

Seamon is currently the executive director of the Missouri High School Baseball Coaches Association and last year, was the president of the National High School Baseball Coaches Association.

Before publishing, he sent advanced reader copies to coaches and managers from various levels of experience from around the nation.

Among the feedback he received were that his book is ideal for parents, Little League coaches, high school coaches and college coaches and that it’s diverse yet simple to understand.

His family helped him with the book. His youngest daughter, Jessica Sams, edited it and his oldest daughter, Angie Halim, an attorney, helped create the permission forms for publishing. Photos in the book were taken by his wife, Janet Seamon.

The book is available for $20 by emailing Bill Seamon, through his publishing company, Margin Dot Press, at or for $24.95 through

For every book sold, 50 cents will go to the Central Missouri Special Olympics and another 50 cents will go to the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis.

Seamon will hold a book signing and coaches’ clinic Thursday, May 3, at East Central College, Union.

The book signing will take place from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the ECTC Room 109 of the Training Center. The clinic for Little League coaches will run from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

He also will have a book signing Saturday, May 5, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Owensville JV Tournament at Memorial Park, Owensville.

About the Author

Seamon was a coach at Owensville High School from 1977 to 2006, when he retired. Before Owensville, he was an assistant coach at Greeley West High School, Greeley, Colo.

He played baseball in Little League and at high school when he was young.

Seamon was inducted into the Missouri High School Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame in 2001 and the National Sunbelt Hall of Fame in 2011.

He will be inducted into the National High School Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame in November of 2012.