To the Editor:

Hope Lodge Worshipful Master Charley Coy should be commended for all the time and research it must have taken for his informative Special to the Oct. 10 The Missourian, “Hope of the Community,” in the People section.

Some of the many fine works the Freemasons have done during their 150 years in Washington are listed. Hopefully, all Freemasons do not trust in these good works for eternal salvation, but only in Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, the second person in The Holy Trinity, the only God who actually exists.

“Hope of the Community” reports that “The Lodge participated in Washington’s 150 Anniversary Parade in 1989 by having Masons ride on a float in full costume of the 14 U.S. presidents who have been Master Masons.” “Today, Charles G. Coy, as worshipful master and Terry D. Coppoteli, as chaplain, conduct the Masonic funerals.”

Those who want to know why most members of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and Roman Catholics do not join an organization that does so many good works may want to read “Christianity and Freemasonry” by Kurt Marquart (Marquart’s Works – Apologetics, Vol IV, pages 38-46, published by Christian News in 2014). This Lutheran scholar often quotes from “The Highest Masonic Authority,” Albert Mackey’s “Encyclopedia of Freemasonry.” Marquart observes: “The basic moral doctrine of Masonry is that man is ‘saved’ not by the merit of Christ, but by his own merit, effort, morality, etc. Masonry uses geometrical allegory to teach this system of self-salvation.”

Marquart then quotes from Mackey to show that Freemasonry teaches work righteousness and not salvation only in Jesus Christ.

Herman Otten

New Haven