East Central College’s Film and Lecture Series will feature guest speaker Charles D. Hoskins and screen the documentary, “The Prison in Twelve Landscapes,” Thursday, Oct. 19.

The event will be held in the John Edson Anglin Performing Arts Center at 6:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

Charles D. Hoskins has been an attorney with the Missouri State Public Defender System for 23 years where he currently serves as a Lead Trial Counsel in death penalty cases at the Eastern Capital Litigation Office in St. Louis. Charles received his undergraduate degree in history from the University of Missouri and his J.D. from Saint Louis University School of Law.

He has previously served as District Defender in the Rolla trial office, an Assistant Public Defender in the Rolla and Union trial offices and volunteer faculty for the MSPD Training Division.

The award-winning documentary “The Prison in Twelve Landscapes” — which had its world premiere at the True/False Film Festival in Columbia — excavates the hidden world of the modern prison system and explores lives outside the gates affected by prisons.

In the United States there are 2.2 million people in prison, up from 300,000 40 years ago. By examining the impact of mass incarceration from outside the prison walls, the film takes viewers from a California mountainside where female prisoners fight wildfires, to a Bronx warehouse with goods destined for the state correctional system, to a rural Kentucky mining town that now depends on the local penitentiary for jobs.

The film also visits two communities — Baltimore and St. Louis County — bristling from violence and rising tensions between African-American communities and police.

The ECC Film and Lecture Series, under the Patrons of the Arts, presents film screenings, panel discussions, presentations and performances throughout the academic year. For more information, contact Leigh Kolb at leigh.kolb@eastcentral.edu or 636-584-6643.