Details for Garage Sale


Gather up all your old stuff and get
them ready for the annual Citywide
Garage Sale. For $7 we will list your
address with a few of the items you
are selling in a booklet. Cost of the
booklet is $3.
In the event of rain, it will be left to the
discretion of each individual of the
garage sale to determine if they want
to cancel. There will be no refunds.
This is an inexpensive and great way
to advertise your garage sale.
Registration deadline is Friday,
Saturday, Sept. 28
Sept. 20. Booklets will be available
for purchase on Tuesday, Sept. 24,
For more information, contact City through Friday, Sept. 27, at City
of Washington Parks and Recreation Hall, Parks Office, Chamber of
Department at 636-390-1080.
Commerce and the Library.

Sponsored by
City of Washington Parks
and Recreation Department