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Tammy Weinhold

Financial Development Program Director, Main
Starting in 2016, United Bank of Union started the Financial Development Program, a service that would let the
people of Union educate themselves, understand, and take control of their finances. Tammy Weinhold, the
head of the Financial Development Program, is passionate about providing opportunities and resources for
customers. “I want to help people help themselves when it comes to their finances, whether that be providing
them with resources or helping them to make more informed decisions,” Weinhold says.
The Financial Development program has teamed up with other community financial partners to provide
customers opportunities in areas that United Bank doesn’t traditionally serve. Financial Development also
sponsors monthly seminars called “Wealth Wednesdays” on a wide range of financial topics. Finally, customers
can catch an Electronic Banking Representative once a month during “Technology Tuesdays” to learn and get
specific questions answered about all of United Bank’s electronic products and services.

2 Years

Christina Hickman

Assistant Vice President, West
Christina Hickman goes the extra mile as a Loan Officer at United Bank of Union, working with customers to get
back on their feet and into a home. “Repairing Credit is extremely rewarding,” Hickman says. “Unfortunate
circumstances arise, and mistakes are made, but coaching individuals through that process and getting them
back on track is truly rewarding.”

20 Years

Hickman helps many customers understand their credit and works with them over time to get in a position to
once again pursue their dreams. United Bank of Union also offers a number of programs to help first time
homebuyers get on track. “Programs like MHDC, USDA, and Fannie-97 might just make the difference between
someone getting into a new house or getting turned away,” Hickman says. “Getting a customer that first house
really is a fantastic feeling for everyone involved.”

Brady Weinhold

Electronic Banking Manager, Main
Whether it is coaching a child during a timeout on the court, or walking through online banking over the phone
in United Bank’s Operations Center, Electronic Banking Manager and Union Middle School basketball coach
Brady Weinhold goes above and beyond to help. “Electronic banking can seem complicated, but at United
Bank there are several employees who can walk you through everything you need to know to make it easy,”
Weinhold says. “Sometimes I wish Coaching was that simple.”
UBU employees like Weinhold are dedicated and passionate about their jobs and the Union community.
Weinhold enjoys seeing that moment when it all comes together. “Whether you are teaching a kid to box out for
a rebound or explaining all of the benefits of Mobile Banking, that moment of understanding gets me excited.”


5 Years
(636) 583 - 2555