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I like to play hide and
seek, then after some
playtime, I would
like a nice soft lap to
rest on. Surely you
have need for a nice
girl like me.

I am a big rollicking
baby. I love to play
with kids, people and
dogs – but not cats! I
am just so huggable
and squeezable.

Put me in your lap,
pet me, tell me how
much you love me
and this little, soft,
yellow tabby will just
melt like butter.

I am a cute pudgy girl
full of joy. I would love
to come to your house
and share my happiness
with you.

Sponsored by
“Friends of
the Shelter”

Sponsored by
“Friends of
the Shelter”

“In memory
of Pete,
the love of my life”

If you would like to be an Adopt-A-Pet sponsor, please call
Erin at FCHS. Sponsorship is $30 for one animal. Adopt-A-Pet
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“Your Company”
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“In memory
of Flopsy Lenau,
my pretty girl”

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