Details for Farmworkers Needed


Farmworkers Needed
Lochirco Fruit & Produce Co. needs 7 temporary farmworkers
for their orchards in Marthasville, Missouri. Majority of work will
be harvesting, sorting, packing & processing apples. May also
maintain farm properties, weed, thin, till, maintain fences and farm
buildings. May operate farm equipment, load crops and other
farm duties as assigned by foreman. May use hand tools, such as
shovels, shears, knives, etc. All tools needed to perform the job
will be provided at no cost to the worker. The job is expected to
begin Aug. 27 and last until approximately Nov. 30. The wage
offered is $13.34 per hour. Must be physically fit, able to carry
a full picking bag (up to 50 lbs.) down an 8- to 14-foot ladder
between the tree and apple bin, repeatedly for 8 to 10 hours a day.
Extensive bending, stooping and stretching. Contract guarantees
opportunity to work for at least 3/4 of the number of the hours
in the workdays during the period of the contract, beginning with
the workers’ first day of employment. Free housing to workers
recruited from outside the commuting area. Transportation and
subsistence expenses to the worksite will be provided or paid by
the employer upon completion of 50% of the work contract.
One month experience within last 10 years required.
Apply for this job at the nearest Missouri Career Center office
(866-506-0251) using job listing number 12648034.