UHS Students Honored for Heroic Deeds

Three Union High School students were recognized by the school board Wednesday night for their heroic deeds in an emergency situation on a school bus.

Bus 19 was en route earlier this month with about 30 students when the driver suffered a medical emergency.

When the driver pulled off the road and asked for help, freshmen Audri Gerren and Sammie Pope, and junior Kristin Bradley sprung into action.

One girl assisted the bus driver, while another called 911. Then all three proceeded to take charge of the younger students on the bus, keeping them calm and in good spirits until help arrived.

When a backup bus arrived to pick up the children, the three girls helped them transfer to the other bus in an orderly fashion, releasing them row by row. They helped the students off the first bus, over a mud puddle, then walked the students to the transfer bus all the while keeping them calm and reassuring them.

The three high school students continued to help by making sure the substitute bus driver knew where to drop off each student at the correct house.

OSS Facilitator Patty Bailey, who assisted the bus driver with the medical emergency by following her to the hospital, said she was extremely proud of the way Gerren, Pope and Bradley responded in the emergency situation.

“These are just ordinary students doing extraordinary acts,” Bailey wrote in an email to an administrator. “That’s my definition of a hero. I am so proud of these students and feel that they need some kind of recognition for their heroic acts. They are a true measure of the kind of students that we have here at Union R-XI School District.”