"Open Your Eyes"

Today we welcome a new reviewer to MO Books, Kimberly Chaves, a cardiac sonographer at Mercy Hospital in Washington. She has three young children and her husband is a firefighter.

Kimberly credits, “The Shack,” by William Paul Young, with changing her life because she “read it at a pivotal time.” She is interested in reviewing books because reading is her “guilty pleasure.” Kimberly also wants to “set a good example for her children,” to instill in them a love of reading early in their lives.

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I was intrigued from the beginning of “Open Your Eyes” because the author, Paula Daly, included just the right amount of domestic discord to make the fictional account realistic. The novel is a surprising and gripping domestic thriller that portrays how easily life can be upset in the blink of an eye.

The main character is Jane, a frustrated, aspiring writer/mother of two, who longs to be published. Her husband Leon is just that—published—but at what cost?

He’s brutally attacked in broad daylight, and Jane, who subsequently finds herself in financial ruin, also must deal with an amnesiac, violent husband.

I really enjoyed how Daly managed to make Jane such a relatable character. Who hasn't struggled with juggling career and family?

I thought this book was worth a read because the author kept me on my toes and I did not figure out who the perpetrator was until the end. The thriller has a very raw, real quality as if it was a true story, however the ending felt a bit rushed.

All in all, “Open Your Eyes” is an enjoyable little mystery for anyone brave enough to wonder if this really could happen to them.