Sarah Steelman doesn’t think public buildings should be named after politicians — even if the politician helped secure the funding to get it built.

Steelman, a GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, told The Missourian recently that she supported efforts to get a new bridge over the Missouri River at Washington, but wouldn’t support the use of an earmark to get it done.

In explaining her position she took a jab at fellow Republican and former Sen. Kit Bond. The Missouri River Bridge in Hermann is named after Bond who used an earmark to get it built.

“I just don’t like the earmarking process, I’m against it,” she said. “I am also against naming any federal, any public buildings after congressmen, senators, or anybody, or Mel Carnahan or whoever it might be. That’s taxpayer money, not Kit Bond’s money. I don’t want anything named after me. I never used special license plates to set me apart as state treasurer — you know, you get the low license plate (number), I never used it. As a state senator, I never used my 16th senatorial district plate. You are a servant of the people, that’s taxpayer dollars. You want to name it after your (private person’s) contribution of this area, that’s fine go for it. I just don’t like it when it is named after an elected politician. It bothers me.”

Former Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan has a state courthouse in St. Louis named after him.

To read the full interview with Steelman, see the Wednesday Missourian.

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