"The Perfect Mother"

Today we welcome a first review from Megan Barrett, the mom of three with a new baby due in January. Megan works part time, but with the “expectations of another little one” she will be staying home more and “has grown an interest in writing for fun and blogs.”

Megan enjoys history, World War II books and “a good mystery.” She also spends time reading books that will help her “grow in her relationship with God.”

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In “The Perfect Mother,” by Aimee Molloy, a group of new moms join together to share the struggles and victories of parenting. As they do so, they quickly form seemingly strong friendships.

A night out on the town offers them a break from the daily struggles of motherhood, but it quickly turns into a tragedy when one of the babies goes missing.

With no strong leads and more questions than answers, the women quickly realize that they perhaps don’t know each other as well as they thought.

“The Perfect Mother” is told from the perspective of several different mothers from the group and secrets slowly begin to emerge. The mystery takes twists and turns leaving you guessing as to what happened to the baby and who is really behind the missing child.