"Spindrift and the Orchid"

Today we welcome a new MO Books reviewer, Abby Weidmayer.

Abby is in third grade at Immanuel Lutheran School. She loves to read, especially fiction/adventure novels.

Abby says she wants to write for the blog, mostly because it’s fun. She wants to be an author and teacher and thinks the blog will be good practice for her. Page On, Abby!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Spindrift is an orphan whose parents died in a violent storm at sea. Their last gift to her was a crystal ball. Now Spindrift lives with her grandfather. Her grandfather owns a shop in a town called Lux. Spindrift works there and helps him run it. That’s how the novel “Spindrift and the Orchid” by Emma Trevayne begins.

One day, a man walks into the shop and asks, "Do you know if you have a black flower that blooms when you look at it?'' Spindrift says she has never seen one. That night, Spindrift looks at her glass ball. In her ball she sees a black flower bloom. A woman emerges and says her name is Orchid and that she can grant wishes.

Spindrift finds out that Orchid is Eleanor the Seventh Sage. These Sages conceal themselves in glass balls. There are seven of them. People worship them.

Orchid says the man that asked about the black flower is named Roland and he is searching for the rest of the orchids. He has five: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Purple. Roland is seeking Black and Blue. Once he has them all, he will be able to rule the world.

Spindrift wishes that the boat her parents sailed on would come up from the water. Orchid says that she will do it. Spindrift and her friends get on the boat and sail to a cave because the black orchid told Spindrift that the blue orchid is in a cave.

She brings her best friends Clemence and Max with her to search for the blue orchid. They go to the cave and from there much action takes place.

I really enjoyed this book. It is a story of friendship, love, decisions, and adventure. Overall, this book is great!