"Shadow of the Lions"

“Shadow of the Lions,” by Christopher Swann, is a suspenseful and mysterious coming-of-age story. The tale is told by Matthias Glass who graduated from Blackburne, an elite boys’ boarding school in Virginia 10 years earlier.

During his senior year, Matthias’ roommate and best friend, Fritz Davenport, disappeared from campus. Matthias went on to graduate, and attended college to become an author. But Matthias’ ability to write has stalled, and he has broken up with his longtime girlfriend. Feeling he needs a change, Matthias accepts an offer for a 1-year-contract to teach English at Blackburne.

When Matthias returns to Blackburne, so do his thoughts about Fritz’s disappearance. He just can’t let it go. Matthias partners with a local retired policeman and former classmates to try and solve the mystery of Fritz’s disappearance.

As Matthias digs deeper he is confronted with the death of a student, the secrets of the powerful Davenport family and the campus politics of Blackburne. Matthias grows as a person as the mystery unravels. He is finally able to move on with his life, no longer feeling responsible for Fritz’s disappearance.

This moving thriller is full of unexpected turns. It is a story of friendship and all of its complexities, and it is a story of loyalty. “The Shadow of Lions” is a mystery that will keep your guessing; a redemptive read you won’t want to miss.