"Words in Deep Blue"

Rachel and Henry were childhood best friends in the novel "Words in Deep Blue," by Cath Crowley. Rachel had a crush on him for the longest time. She would often leave him letters or mark important phrases in books at The Letter Library.

The Letter Library was a place where you could mark words or phrases, and leave notes or letters in the margins, without taking the book home. Many people would write letters to their former girlfriends and boyfriends, the people they secretly admired, or just leave a note to start a conversation.

As Rachel and Henry grew older, Henry poured his heart out to Rachel in long letters, but would send him only short letters. This eventually cut the ties to their communication, and friendship.

Three years after they stopped writing to each other, a mutual friend, Lola, and her band perform a gig and invited them both. At the gig, Henry doesn’t appear to be over his most recent girlfriend, Amy, and Rachel also seems to care for another; yet, Rachel and Henry also still have feelings for each other.

They mend their relationship, and begin to write letters to each other in The Letter Library, and start visiting each other. Rachel draws comfort from Henry because she is grieving her brother Cal, who died in the ocean.

Throughout the story, Rachel struggles with the past. She doesn't like the beach, because it reminds her of her brother, but life goes on.

I personally enjoyed the book because it showed a character and her self- conflict. Rachel would often struggle with going to the beach because it reminded her of her brother's death, or her feelings towards Henry. The book was slow at some points but it was enjoyable, and the moral of the story is important.

In the end, Rachel realizes, she can't change the past, or map out the future, but she can live in the moment.