"Winter is Here"

Have a warm cup of cocoa, snuggle up with a youngster and share “Winter is Here,” a charmer by best-selling, award-winning Kevin Henkes. It’s the third book about seasons Henkes has written; previously he penned “When Spring Comes,” and “In the Middle of Fall.”

Naturally winter brings cold and snow, “It’s falling from the sky and sitting on the houses and dripping from the roofs and sticking to the trees in clumps and curls,” Henkes writes, his poetic words accompanied by soft artwork by Laura Dronzek, her stark white wintertime scenes magical, pops of color coming from gaily dressed children out sledding, bright red Cardinals perched in snow-laden trees and a scarlet collar on a big dog a cheery contrast to his brown coat.

Swirling snow makes the landscape cotton-like, “But Winter can be hard too. Ice covers the pond. The leaves underneath like stars in glass.”

The dog curiously gazes into the pond’s mirror-like surface before trotting into a warm house to have his supper and curl at the feet of a young boy tucked in for the night.

There are other colors of winter, blue and gray too—the season’s never looked or sounded better, but eventually winter plays itself out, and when “..it’s time to leave, Winter shrinks away bit by bit, … getting smaller and drying up…” ushering in raucous spring with its abundant new life and kaleidoscope of color. Preschool to third-grade.