This sequel to the young adult novel “Everland,” has many of the characters and adventures found in the stories “Peter Pan” and “Alice in Wonderland.”

In the first novel, Gwen, Pete and the lost boys have escaped from Everland to Alnwick Castle, only to find that it is no longer safe. Many of the people in Alnwick, including the Queen of England, have contracted the deadly Horologia virus.

The only possible cure for the virus is an antidote made from the poisonous apple hidden deep in a labyrinth. Duchess Alyssa and the wild Maddox Hadder set out to get the apple. Jack and his half-brother Hook also want to retrieve the apple. Meanwhile Pete and Gwen have stayed behind in the castle to try and protect and save the remaining lost boys, and the Queen, as the castle comes under attack.

This fantasy is a twisted fairy tale full of adventure and familiar characters. “Umberland” keeps you reading and rooting for the good guys. Will they find the apple? Will Doc be able to make an antidote? Will he be in time to save the Queen of England? What will happen to Pete, Gwen, Jack and Alyssa?

Read on to find the answers.