"True Believer"

“True Believer,” by Jack Carr, is a realistic book that will appeal to anyone who likes political or military thrillers. The slow beginning is merely the calm before the storm as the story soon gears up and becomes action packed and suspenseful.

Carr spent 20 years as SEAL sniper and this is evident in his detailed writing about weapons, and in the amount of amendments, blacked-out words, banned from readers by the United States Department of Defense. This department held up the book’s publication for months as they scrutinized it for sensitive material.

The main character, James Reece is well developed and realistic. This novel is a sequel to Carr’s first book featuring Reece as he set out to avenge the deaths of his family and SEAL team. In Carr’s newest offing, Reece is the most wanted domestic terrorist and is hiding deep in the Mozambique jungle. Unfortunately, Reece realizes when he attacked some poachers in the jungle that the United States government would soon discover his whereabouts.

The CIA needs Reece to find Mohammad Farooq, an Iraqi commander. It is believed that Farooq is responsible for recent terrorist attacks. The CIA offers Reece a presidential pardon and a new job in exchange for finding Farooq. Reece reluctantly accepts the offer, but soon finds that things are not as they appear. He uncovers another conspiracy and assassination plot.

“True Believer,” which I highly recommend, will keep you fully engaged and emotionally involved. I was so enthralled with this realistic story that I sought out Carr’s first novel “The Terminal List.”