"Tinyville Town, Time for School!"

“Tinyville Town, Time for School!” is the newest book in a series set in Tinyville Town, a community-minded place created by author/illustrator Brian Biggs. Cartoon-like illustrations, a simple story line and lots of characters with real-life jobs make these books appealing.

Tinyville is humming because school is starting – “Good morning! It’s time to wake up,” the book begins, an illustration accompanying the introduction to this happy place where happy people live, streets and blocks crowded with brightly-colored buildings children will be able to pick out and identify.

On opening day, Mr. Meyer, a teacher, picks out his “nicest sweater,” and Dylan “ties his favorite shoes,” while “Jenny packs her brand-new book bag.” At the corner, patrol woman Mrs. Martinez waits for students on a morning she’s been “waiting for …all summer long.”

Readers are able to follow each of these characters at school, as well as others who arrive on the bus, in carpools, on foot or on bikes. The principal Ms. Parker greets students and steers them in the right direction, gently admonishing Owen to “return that library book you borrowed last year.”

Mr. Meyer writes his name on the blackboard and looks spiffy in his argyle sweater, greeting Ellie as she takes a seat in his classroom. Lessons begin, then lunch is served and of course there’s time for playground activities before children head for home.

All aspects of school are introduced in this charmer making it a grand gift for a child who’s apprehensive about the unknown – “Tinyville” is a sure-cure for first-day school jitters.