“Tin,” by Padraig Kenny, is a book of friendship and courage.

Friends Christopher, Jack, Rob, Estelle, Gripper and Manda think everything is just fine at their creator Mr. Absalom’s workshop in London. This is where some of “the mechanicals” are created, machines that are made into kids.

A sudden accident, which almost causes Christopher his life, reveals secrets that Mr. Absalom would like to keep hidden. Once Christopher is taken away the group has no choice but to find him. They will travel all over Ironhaven and London finding clues that will help and hinder them from getting closer to saving their friend and putting a stop to an evil plan that will alter their world forever.

I had mixed feelings about “Tin” before I started it but it turned out to be a great story. I loved how the friends worked together and never gave up. Anyone who would fight to save a friend would really enjoy “Tin”. I’m glad I gave it a chance.