"This Moment is Your Life"

“This Moment Is Your Life (And So Is This One): A Fun and Easy Guide to Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga,” by Miriam Gates, directs its easily discernable message to tweens and teens, in a book with helpful information and activities to achieve a more peaceful presence.

With a warm, accepting voice, “This Moment” offers opportunities for young readers to access their ability to live in the day, and not focus their energy on “what if,” a primary source of stress, the book states. Examples are offered that enable readers to better understand if they have a “negative mind,” a “flexible mind,” a “distracted mind,” a “focused mind” or if their mind is “stuck.”

Much food for thought is offered here, and presented in a helpful way with cheerful graphics and quotes.

Once young people have a better understanding of who they are and how they react in situations, a “Mindfulness Tool Kit” offers activities to promote being “mindful” instead of “mind full.” Tips on mediation and instructions on yoga, with illustrations of various poses, guide readers on a “Be You Five-Day Mindfulness Challenge.”

“This Moment Is Your Life” is a guide adults will enjoy too — a constructive, pleasant book to help kick off the New Year in a more healthful way.