"This Cruel Design"

Cat, the main character in “Cruel Design,” by Emily Suvada, has made it out by the skin of her teeth. She’s wandering the woods with her brother Leoben and her boyfriend, Cole. She is frightened by the truth she now knows about herself, but that's not the scariest thing she’s experiencing; the terrible disease that's spreading across the world isn't responding to the cure. It isn’t working and people are still dying.

Cat has to push her confusing and random memories away so she can stop Lachlan’s plan of using the cure to control people. They will have to team up with their enemy, Cartaxus, to track down Lachlan and kill him.

But there are secrets hidden at every turn for Cat. She is confused about who to believe and doesn’t feel she can even trust herself. She’ll have to dig deep and release her hidden demons to finally find the truth and stop this madness. But she might lose herself in the process; still she believes it is worth it to save the world and everyone she loves.

"This Cruel Design" is the second installment in Suvada’s series' “This Mortal Coil” and it's just as good--shocking and suspenseful. I’m always reluctant to go into the second book in a series because they are usually the worst, but Suvada doesn’t disappoint. Her newest is packed full of action that keeps you on edge.

I know we aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, but can I add how beautiful this cover is. Like it’s absolutely stunning. Suvada is a sci-fi genius, the way she draws you in and manipulates all of her complex characters. I love the old and newly announced charters and the unknown about DNA and its consequences.

This book is a treasure chest waiting to be opened. The only thing that I’m not happy about is having to wait for the third installment to come out in another year. Start the countdown clocks!