"Thick as Thieves"

Megan Whalen Turner returns to the world of the “Queen’s Thief” in her new stand-alone novel, “Thick as Thieves.”

Though Kamet, the main character, has been enslaved most of his life, his role as a secretary to the Emperor’s nephew gives him power and a future. But that future is ripped from him when Kamet learns his master was murdered and he is wrongfully blamed. Throwing caution to the wind, Kamet accepts the aid of an Attolian soldier to flee from his pursuers.

As they are ruthlessly hunted across deserts and mountains by the Emperor’s forces, Kamet learns much from his foreign companion, including insights into their destination: the small nation of Attolia. Yet Kamet cannot trust his comrade.

In the past, Kamet and his master made many enemies in Attolia. Why would this stranger and his king want to help him escape now? Kamet wishes to leave the Attolian before they reach his home country, but the soldier is his best shot at freedom.

“Thick as Thieves” is a story packed with daring escapes and thrilling adventures. The bond between the two wildly different men grows into one of trust and friendship as they run for their lives. Kamet’s journey also is one of self-discovery as he learns how to be a free man in a detailed and vivid fictional land.

Though this novel is part of the “Queen’s Thief” series, no previous knowledge of the other books is necessary to understand the newest installment. But reading “Thick as Thieves” will leave you hungry for more of Turner’s masterfully crafted world.