"The Word is Murder"

In “The Word is Murder,” wealthy widow Diana Cowper arranges her own funeral and is found murdered only six hours later. Is it coincidence or something far more sinister?

Enter private detective (ex-police force) Daniel Hawthorne who will assist in the investigation. Hawthorne has a reputation for being unpleasant and forward, but now he has a new sidekick – Anthony Horowitz – famous author who is shadowing Hawthorne to draft a nonfiction murder mystery. Their relationship mirrors the iconic Holmes and Watson.

Damian Cowper, internationally known for his acting career, returns to London for his mother’s funeral. The investigation soon reveals many complicated layers: Diana’s resignation from the board of The Globe Theater, a failed investment in a play, a tragic car accident 10 years ago, love triangles, arson, affairs and a judge who has been accused of receiving a bribe. Hawthorne quickly brings secrets to light as he conducts interviews with Horowitz recording every word. How do these events relate to each other? What is the common thread?

As a fan of Horowitz’s writing, I was so eager to read this novel! Horowitz has quite an artistic range, from his young adult Alex Rider series to chart-topping adult best seller “Magpie Murders.” It was interesting to see how he crafted himself into this novel as a main character.

It took me a bit to get in the groove of seeing his name as a character at first, but I quickly became engrossed in the story, anxious to solve the mystery. Horowitz did not disappoint with this classic “Who Dun It?”