"The Wife Between Us"

Released in paperback last month, “The Wife Between Us,” by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, is a thriller set in New York City that revolves around Nessie, a newlywed who discovers her perfect, rich and handsome husband may not be the man he appeared to be. This realization causes her to have erratic behavior and appear unstable.

Nessie believes she is destined to have an ideal life when she leaves her small apartment for a stately, secluded home in the suburbs. The mansion is a surprise gift from her husband. But in her new home Nessie becomes isolated from her friends, and her co-workers because she’s left her job at a preschool. She doesn’t know her neighbors either because her home is separated from other houses by its spacious lawn and abundant shrubbery.

Years pass, and her life remains childless; everything is under her husband’s control. She must attend boring social events because of her his position, and Nessie gradually realizes she has given up all the joy she felt when she was single. She begins drinking to pass the time and dull her feelings.

As Nessie begins to assert her independence, she sees that the meanness and the paranoia she has suspected in her husband aren’t imagined. It’s real. Gradually,

through a series of event orchestrated by Nessie, her husband divorces her for another woman named Emma. Nessie feels such guilt about the life she knows her replacement will face that she confronts Emma with evidence of her husband’s true state of mind.

Many twists and turns make up the backstory of this interesting novel. The authors have managed to provide each character with motives for their behavior and unique methods of achieving their desires and goals. This is the first book for Pekkanen and Hendricks; I predict that there are more in the making.