"The Traitor's Game"

“The Traitors Game,” by Jennifer A. Nielsen, is an action-packed story that leaves you yearning for more. The new book is an amazing addition to Nielsen’s repertoire, especially with the bar being set so high after her series “The False Prince.” Fit with a feisty heroine and some tough kidnappers, “The Traitors Game” keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Kestra Dallisor has been disowned by her family, and hasn’t seen them in three years, but when she must come home, her carriage is overtaken by a group of vicious rebels who call themselves the Corack.

Kestra is forced to go back to her home with two Coracks: Trina and Simon, along with a secret: she must find a blade that has the ability to kill Lord Endrick, the only Endrean magic user, and the leader of Antora.

At home Kestra is not welcomed too kindly by her aloof father. Confronted with the reality of who her father truly is, Kestra must make a decision about whose side she’s on, or if she must make a side of her own.

With both Kestra and Simon narrating, the book offers an insightful look into the fantastical world of Antora. This novel, set in medieval times, is loaded with mystery, and uncovering Kestra’s past puts a whole new light on her future. Kestra has to choose what she’s willing to do to keep her stance in the matter.

I was a fan of this novel, and while in some parts it was a bit droll, the anticipation of the end kept me going strong. Left with a cliffhanger, many fans of “The Traitors Game” will highly anticipate the release of Nielsen’s second book in the series.