"The Train of Lost Things"

Have you ever lost something that is really special to you and wondered where it went?

Marty is a boy whose dad is very sick with cancer. Marty’s dad knew he was sick and wanted to spend as much time as he could with Marty. For his birthday, his dad gets him a jean jacket.

After traveling with his mom, Marty got home and couldn’t find his special jean jacket. He looks everywhere, but it wasn’t there. Marty remembers a story his dad told him when he was a young boy. It was about a magical train that collects lost hearts’ possessions. Marty’s only choice is to try and locate the train and get help finding his jacket.

He goes out at night to find the train. Along the way, he meets a girl who is also looking for the train. Her name is Dina.

Does Marty find the train? Does Marty find the jacket and save his dad. Read and find out in “The Train of Lost Things.”

This book kept my interest. It was sad, funny, and touching all in one, a very good read.