"The Towering Sky"

“The Towering Sky,” by Katharine McGee, is set in New York, 2119; it’s the final book in her three book series. The skyscraper featured in the book flows with the energy of the five teenagers whose lives have been threaded together by fate.

Calliope is in a stuck situation, playing a high stakes game that is becoming riskier with each passing day. She just wants to be normal and true to herself for once in her life.

Leda is trying to get over her darkest secret while also trying to forget the one she loves. When a new investigation comes along, she’ll have to open her unhealed wounds.

Watt just wants Leda back, but he tries to save her by getting too deep into things that should have been left buried. Rylin has a scholarship to school, but that school holds Cord and she doesn’t want to see him ever again since “that night.” Cord tries to stay away from him, but fate holds the cards.

Avery has a new boyfriend, Max, who is perfect in every way. But why does their relationship just not seem right?

McGee focuses on the darkest parts of the teens’ minds while also showing them at their beset. Friendships will be tested and destroyed. When you have everything, you also have everything to lose.

This finale is just an amazing end to McGee’s drama-packed trilogy. I loved how she makes each character flawed and realistic. The plot so mysteriously dark and yet romantic too.

You can’t help but cheer these teenagers on. The ending took my breath away. I definitely didn’t see it coming but I loved it! If you like drama, science fiction or romance you won’t regret reading “The Towering Sky,” a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat.