"The Three Little Superpigs"

With neon bright art and a zany storyline, author/illustrator Claire Evans scores with “The Three Little Superpigs.” The tale begins where the classic story ended, the furious wolf being outfoxed by the porcine three.

As the pigs wave him goodbye, Wolf is shown behind the bars of a police car, scowling with a mouth full of sharp teeth—it’s off to prison for the villain—and party time for the pigs, the toast of Fairyland. Later, Wolf’s cell is bleak as he immerses himself in how-to books, including “Bricklaying for Bad Guys.”

That’s the tip-off that the send-off might not be permanent. And it isn’t. Too soon there’s a wolf at the door—actually that comes a bit later, after a mystery involving other characters in Fairyland who find bricks missing from Rapunzel’s Tower, Brick Town Road and Red Door House.

In this action-packed rendition, there’s not an ounce of huffing and puffing, but  belly laughs aplenty as the Superpigs work to save the day. Ages 3-5.