"The Thank You Book"

“The Thank You Book,” by Mary Lyn Ray, offers a nod to the little things we take for granted. Ray’s sweet book shines a light on our daily blessings, and Stephanie Graegin, a personal favorite, illustrates Ray’s poetic words with petite pictures of animals and children cute beyond words.

It begins, “Thank you isn’t just for learning manners. It’s also for when something wakes a little hum — a happy hum — inside you and you want to answer back.” On the spread a little boy holds the paw of a striped cat as they gaze toward a mountain, a path laid out before them symbolizing the journey of thankfulness that’s about to begin.

There’s a thank you in the morning for a “new day,” and for the “buzz and bloom and grass (and toes) and all that makes us wonder.” There’s gratefulness for “glue and glitter and for learning something new,” and “for parades” and “for puddles.”

All seasons are represented, each with merit, from playing in a tree house, dressing up for Halloween and offering a prayerful thank you for “family” and “home” when gathered around a food-laden table.

“The Thank You Book” encompasses all we have to be grateful for, from “ . . . zippers that zip jackets,” to “ . . . the earth we ride on, and for the stars beyond.” Add to your thankful list this lovely book, perfect for Thanksgiving or any time of year. Ages 4-7.