"The Speaker"

“Once there was, and one day there will be. This is the beginning of every story.” Author Traci Chee invites you back to the world of Kelanna with “The Speaker,” Book Two of The Sea of Ink and Gold Series.

In this fantasyland of adventures on the high seas, warring kingdoms, and searches for glory, reading and writing do not exist. The common people live and die in fear of being forgotten. But a secret society of magic wielders called The Guard harbor the power of written word and they are now in a desperate search for The Book, an all powerful object that records everything that has happened, and everything that will happen. The Book is in the possession of Sefia and Archer as they flee from the Guard’s trackers, who will stop at nothing to capture and kill them.

As the pair flee they run across a group of impressers, outlaws who capture boys to fight to the death in competitions. These brutal and horrific events resulted from the wishes of The Guard, who are looking for a prophesied boy with a scar to lead their armies in the great battle to come: the Red War.

Sefia, now talented in her manipulation of magic, and Archer, former victim of the impressers, dispatch of the outlaws and free the boys they capture. With the help of the Book, the pair and new freed fighters begin wiping other impresser gangs off the map.

Yet the closer Sefia and Archer draw to their goal, the closer they come to their ultimate fates. Is Archer the boy destined to lead Kelanna in the bloodiest war of its history? The clearer the answer becomes, the further they are driven apart.

“The Speaker” masterfully explores the emotions of guilt, duty, and love within page-gripping sweeping adventures. The entire concept of an illiterate world and the implications of daily life behind it make a fantastically unique setting. In addition, the idea that books and writing are magical speaks to anyone who knows the infinite joys of reading. This novel matches the excellence “The Reader” debuted; the next installment of this series cannot come soon enough!