"The Secrets She Keeps"

The title of this psychological thriller by Australian writer Michael Robotham could pertain to either of the two main characters in the book, Agatha Fyfle and Meghan Shaughnessy. One is privileged and married to a local television star; the other is poor, abused, and perhaps pregnant by a man who refuses to acknowledge her condition as he leaves her for his career in the navy.

One has 600-plus followers on her mommy blog, and the other works part time in a grocery store where she is belittled and treated poorly. One is blessed with two healthy children, and the other has buried three children so far.

These characters’ unusual connection is the story that propels this exciting read. How yet another child brings these two together provides the mystery, the terror, and the heartbreak that keeps one reading with great interest.

I would compare this book to “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn since it involves mind manipulation that evolves into crime, lies, and hair-raising suspense. Both protagonists in “The Secrets She Keeps” have secrets that could destroy their families and even send one to jail. Their lives become intertwined in a way that only women experiencing a life change could understand.

I found this book easy to read and engaging. As a fan of Michael Robotham’s books, I was pleased to come across yet another book of his that involves strong female characters, psychological suspense, and just a little bit of horror. I recommend this book to all readers who enjoy reading on the edge of their seats!