“The Rift: Uprising,” by Amy S. Foster, was a phenomenal book. Foster has a way of writing that will absolutely blow your mind. Every page leaves readers wanting more, and on the edge of their seats. I tend to stay away from the fantasy genre, but this book was one of the greatest books I have ever read.

The journey this book takes us on starts at the Battle Ground Rift. Ryn and her team, the Beta Team, are waiting by the Rift and have to be prepared to take down anything that could possibly come through.

The team hears a boom and out comes a man. This man’s name is Ezra, a very smart man who is an important asset later. Ryn is drawn to him in a way she can’t explain. Ryn approaches him in the subtlest way possible, the normal way usually involving guns or other harsh methods, but Ryn doesn’t have a single weapon on her.

After meeting Ezra, there is another breach in the Rift. This time it is a group of Vikings. After the Beta team, with the help of others, takes down the Vikings they are able to take Ezra to the transport vehicles. Ezra is taken to the Village, a place where all of the immigrants go whenever they come out of the Rift.

Ryn is not allowed to go to the Village until she is 18, but she receives help from other Citadels and makes it over the borders. When Ryn shows up, Ezra is shocked, but also relieved. He’d begun to notice that things weren’t exactly right in the way that the ARC (the Allied Rift Coalition) had the immigrants live and work.

Eventually trust develops between Ryn and Ezra and they make a decision to take on the ARC unit, piece by piece.

"The Rift: Uprising,” is perfect for readers who enjoy a detailed book with lots of action and fighting scenes. Readers who like to try and solve mysteries also will find it appealing because it suspenseful and has lot of twists in the plot.