"The Red Address Book"

“The Red Address Book,” is a must read for anyone who has ever played cards or learned how to crochet under the watchful eyes of their Gran.

The main character Doris is the grandmotherly figure in this book. She 96 and is writing her lifetime memories for her only living relative, her great-niece Jenny who lives in America. They chat via Skype since they live a world apart—Gran’s in Sweden. The distance does nothing to discredit the love between these two.

The stories Doris weaves of her life are simple and beautiful, yet they are so very powerful. They explore the bonds of friendship and love in totally unexpected ways. We see Doris’ legacy unfold through her address book and we can easily picture ourselves sitting with our own grandmothers sharing the knowledge that it took a lifetime to embrace.

We also can’t help but ask as we read, “Who would be in our own address book?” “How would our stories be told?” “And have we lived the life we have wanted?”

“The Red Address Book” is a call to arms; a reminder that we are all here for a short time and that we all have talents to share, dreams that only we can bring to fruition. This marvelous book helps us realize we are never too old for love and the monumental surprises of life that are often just right around the corner.