"The Rabbit Listened"

Taylor is frustrated. The curly top was building an awesome block tower but a flock of birds knocked it down. Now the child’s bummed out.

So begins “The Rabbit Listened,” a captivating picture book with winsome art and story by Cori Doerrfeld, about a little one who suffers an upset and gets lots of suggestions on how to fix the problem.

As the child sits on a ball on the floor, big-eyed and sad, “chicken was the first to notice.” Her advice, “talk, talk, talk about it.” But that’s not what Taylor wants to do, so the chicken exits — now frustrated too.

A bear ambles by, his advice — get mad and “ . . . shout about it.” Taylor isn’t up to that either. The bear gets furious about a situation that’s clearly Taylor’s issue and ends up terrifying the kid. Next, an elephant appears to “fix” the tower if Taylor can remember how it was built, but Taylor isn’t into remembering. So the elephant exits, feeling frightfully peeved.

The menagerie continues, other animals offering emotional Band-Aids to stem the flow of Taylor’s trauma, but none get it right until rabbit hops by. The bunny knows just want Taylor needs, what all humans appreciate most — someone to just listen — a beautiful message in a heartfelt book with a bunny that’s irresistibly cute. Ages 3-5.