"The New LiBEARian"

All books come to life in the hands of readers – “The New LiBEARian,” by Alison Donald, cleverly makes that point using a fuzzy-wuzzy bookish-bear.

It’s story hour in Kids’ Corner but the librarian is nowhere to be found; Ms. Merrywether has disappeared. The children go on the hunt to find her, but instead of human footprints discover paw prints on the stairs and “among the bookshelves, through a galaxy, into an ocean, and down a runway…”

The librarian’s desk is sticky too—another clue that can’t be ignored; behind the desk on the floor they discover the new librarian, paw in a jar of honey, immersed in a cookbook. The kids ask the bear to fill in at story time, and though they suggest a variety of genres, the big guy only wants to read a scary story, a book about bears.

Fun ensues when Ms. Merryweather materializes and begins to read “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” only to find Baby Bear missing from the pages in this charming book with illustrations by English artist Alex Willmore. For ages 4-7.