"The Little Reindeer"

On Christmas Even, bells jingle waking Ollie. Cuddly toy reindeer in hand, she rushes to the window, the night landscape a brilliant white with new fallen snow.

So begins “The Little Reindeer,” a charmer by Nicola Killen, the tale of a child who goes sledding and gets the surprise of her life, as will readers because this adorable book has page-cutouts that reveal the unexpected.

When Ollie goes outdoors, she continues to hear the bells, and she pulls her sled behind her, wandering into the woods to figure out the source of the “jingle, jingle, jingle.”

Imagine her shock when she sees a red collar with bells hanging from the tiny branch of a tree. The next sound Ollie hears is a “crunch, crunch, crunch” coming from – you guessed it – a reindeer. The animal is distraught over losing its collar, which Ollie obligingly fastens around the reindeer’s neck as the animal kneels at her feet.

When the reindeer “lowered himself even farther” Ollie knew just what to do. She climbs on his back and they’re off, the reindeer finally depositing Ollie back at her house, responsibility calling the high-flyer.

Once Ollie’s in bed, “Jingle, jingle, jingle” is heard again, but not by the slumbering child. She’s out like a light, not aware of the reindeer showing through a page-cutout, the animal pulling a sled with Santa at the helm. This enchanting book is a delight for children ages 3-7.