"The Light We Lost"

“The Light We Lost,” by Jill Santopolo, is an admirable novel that initially drew me in with its cover art. The enchanting illustrations connect to the story in two ways that caught my eye. The protagonist, Lucy, is shown looking deeply captivated by another character, which can be open to interpretation. The illustration of New York City behind the couple offers readers a clue as to which male character Lucy falls in love with.

The story is told from Lucy’s point of view, but is revealed in flashbacks from previous events that occurred in her life. It begins in college. Gabriel Samson was late to class, and unquestionably caught the attention of Lucy, a student in Professor Kramer’s Shakespeare Seminar. The teens connected, forming an unspoken bond that grew into a relationship.

As time progressed, Gabriel’s career initially caused him to drift away from Lucy. He’d always wanted to pursue photography and gets the opportunity two years later to travel abroad to pursue photojournalism.

As Gabriel’s career progresses, so does Lucy’s. Her career lies in television, where she works on a children’s television show. Lucy’s life in New York City is going well. She’s married to Darren, a man she dated shortly after Gabriel, and has two children with him.

Although Lucy and Darren are married, Gabriel still appears in Lucy’s life off and on, and they visit when he’s in New York City. As the book continues, Lucy finds herself at a crossroad, eventually having to make a tough, life-changing decision.

“The Light We Lost,” by Jill Santopolo will break your heart but also make you smile. Lucy and Gabriel’s love story is passionate, and Santopolo effectually portrays this through her writing. This is a delightful novel and is highly recommended for young adults.