"The Lady Rogue"

It’s 1937, in the back roads of Romania. Theo is a daughter of a legendary treasure hunter. She has been focused on following in her father's footsteps since she could walk, but that honor doesn’t go to her. It goes to her “once upon a time” lover and ex-friend, Huck.

In “The Lady Rogue,” by Jenn Bennett, the main character Theo is a girl who's used to being alone—independent, she causes trouble wherever she goes. However, her carefree attitude changes when Huck comes home. Her father is missing and in need of help.

Theo will have to put her painful memories aside to work with Huck on finding and rescuing her father. They’ll learn that he was on a quest and trying to uncover information on a legendary, magical ring that once belonged to Vlad the Impaler, better known as Dracula.

This mystical ring might be just the key to finding him. It is said that legends never die, but is that truly the case in a world filled with mysteries and mythical creatures?

This novel was a delightful surprise. I loved how Bennett’s story is so creative and witty. She writes about the journey of Huck and Theo through beautiful eyes filled with wonder. Theo is smart and tired of being left in the dust. Huck is strong and a little uncertain. Together they weather rough starts. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how Theo and Huck figured out what was going on without dying in the process. I really hope this book becomes a series because I want more.

“The Lady Rogue” is perfect for fans of “Stalker Jack the Ripper.” If you like historical fiction with a twist of mystery then pick this one up and be prepared for a fast-paced, read-it-in-one-sitting-book.