"The Gilded Wolves"

In the sparkling city of Paris in 1889, there are secrets deeper than the catacombs. In a world where everything is based on power, there will be one man who’ll go against the norm, Servin, a treasure hunter, will work to uncover his true self and his inheritance. Readers meet Servin in “The Gilded Wolves,” by Roshani Choksh.

Servin, a risk taker, gets the chance of a lifetime when the Order, a dangerous, high classed society, seeks an ancient hidden artifact. Severin jumps at the opportunity to find it, gathering a team of unstoppable misfits to help him.

He recruits an engineer, a historian, a dancer and his loving brother. They have to stick together because multiple forces try to tear them apart. The team risks everything and is left to question if some things are better left buried.

“The Gilded Wolves” is magical, dangerous, and beautifully mischievous. I loved the undertones that Chokshi used to make this book great. I adored all of the complex characters with their wit, passion and determination.

However the ending absolutely messed me up. Chokshi ripped out my heart, then mended it, just to destroy it for the second time. My heart was pulled in every possible direction.

The action and undying love in this fantasy made it impossible to put the book down. I can’t wait, needing more than wanting, the second book in the series to release. Pick this beauty up!