"The Ex"

“The Ex,” by Alafair Burke, is a hair-raising novel. In the book we meet Olivia Randall, a defense attorney, not known for making the best decisions. Her life is going fairly well until she answers an ‘unknown’ call. It turns out to be Buckley Harris, calling on behalf of his father, who has just been taken into custody. Twenty years before, Olivia was Buckley’s fiance, but now she becomes his lawyer.

Jack Harris, a novelist, has been brought into the precinct under suspicion of being involved in a murder. His wife, Molly, was killed in a shooting and Jack immediately blames Malcolm Neely.

Malcolm was shot along with two other people, but Jack was caught on camera carrying a picnic basket and heading toward the scene. He came back without the basket and then drove off. Suspicious, right?

Knowing Jack from 20 years ago, Olivia can’t imagine him capable of hurting a fly, let alone killing three people. Sure Olivia knew Jack, but how well did she really know him? Is Jack innocent, until proven guilty, or has he meted out justice for his wife’s murder?

This book arouses curiosity, taking it to a whole new level. Just when you think you have the crime figured out, another detail is revealed and ruins, or makes you believe in your theory. Thoughout this imersive story you will be on the edge of your seat.