"The 12 Dares of Christa"

“The 12 Dares of Christa,” by Marissa Burt, is about a 13-year-old girl named Christa. Her mom, an actress, and her dad, a travel agent, decide to get a divorce.

For Christmas, Christa and her mom go on a tour of Europe. They go to Florence, Paris, and London. Her mom has plays and rehearsals here and there. A few other kids are on the tour too—Kylie, Colby, Sasha, Logan and Owen. They go on tours of the cities together with Madison and Miles as their tour guides.

Every Christmas before her parents’ divorce, Christa’s family had a scavenger hunt in the town they lived in. Christa’s dad decided that, while in Europe, Christa would carry out the traditional scavenger hunt.

Her dad sent presents to Europe. Included in the presents, were dares she had to complete to finish the scavenger hunt. She and Colby traipsed around Europe, completing the dares. By the end of the book, Christa had completed the 12 dares, gotten out of her comfort zone, made new friends, and ended up with a boyfriend and her first kiss.

I really enjoyed reading this book. While I love cheesy romantic movies, reading “The 12 Dares of Christa,” was more fun and entertaining. If you like Christmas, budding teen romance, and adventure, this book for young adults is definitely worth reading.