"The Christmas Sisters"

“The Christmas Sisters” is a light, easy read—the story of a family struggling to get along during the holidays. All is not grim, however. Sarah Morgan’s novel is overlaid with romance making for a festive confection set in the Scottish Highlands.

Suzanne and Stewart McBride have been married for three decades. The McBrides met because of a shared passion for mountain climbing. Their involvement in the sport cast them in a role they couldn’t have foreseen—adopting three young girls who lost their parents in a tragic climbing accident 25 years ago.

Suzanne longs to have a perfect celebration for her three daughters, who are getting together at the Glensay Lodge in Scotland for Christmas; something they haven’t done for a couple of years.

Hannah, Beth and Posy are as different as can be. Hannah, the oldest is a workaholic executive, and Beth, the middle daughter, is a mom with two young daughters. Both live in New York City but don’t see each other very often. Posy resides at Glensay Lodge, where she helps her mother in a café and volunteers with a mountain climbing rescue team.

Hannah and Beth bring secrets and problems to the family’s Christmas gathering. Hannah is in a relationship with a work mate that’s proving to be more serious and complicated than she imagined. She hasn’t made peace with her past, or her sister Beth, who’s struggling with a big decision. Beth, a stay-at-home-mom, has been offered a job she wants to accept, one she assumed her husband would support. That isn’t the case.

The breath of fresh air in the sisterhood is Posy, a cheery, uncomplicated young woman who unexpectedly falls for a young man she meets after she assists with his mountain climbing rescue.

The atmosphere at Glensay Lodge is fractious as the family meets to celebrate Christmas in a book with a theme many readers will identify with. A heartwarming tale, “The Christmas Sisters” proves there’s nothing like family; even if ties can be strained from time to time.