"The Boy Who Went Magic"

Do you believe in magic? I do. I think, at one point in time magic existed.

In the book, “The Boy Who Went Magic,” by A.P. Winter, the people of Penvellyn don’t believe in magic, and that is exactly the way King Eldred wants it.

But a few people still believe in magic, one of them being Prince Voss, one of the king’s sons. He obsessively hunts for anything that has to do with magic. He, however, isn’t the only one going after magical items, so are pirates.

The pirates and government raid the magical island of Ferenor. It’s an island that had magicians and witches living on it at one point, but they all disappeared a long time ago. Now, all that is left are the magical items that everyone seeks.

Bert, an orphan and believer in fairytales, is the main character of this book. The events that change Bert’s life from normal to exciting and dangerous begin on a class trip to the Penvellyn National Museum, a museum established by the king to make everyone believe that magic does not exist.

A man called The Professor shows them around. Little do they know, he is not a tour guide but a pirate there to steal legs from a magical suit of armor. On the tour, The Professor brings them to a room where Bert is struck by a flash of light from an enchanted mirror. This flash of light results in a spirit living inside him.

A few days later, Bert’s class gets a new student named Finch. As it turns out, she is The Professor’s daughter. She forms a friendship with Bert and has the job of keeping him safe. One day The Professor picks Bert up from school, and they get on a train. While being chased by authorities, they jump off the train and attempt to board The Professor’s airship the Lugalbanda. Bert is captured by Prince Voss and brought to Grimwater Prison.

What will happen to Bert? What about the spirit living inside him? Will Bert stay in prison forever or will he escape? To learn more about the interesting characters of “The Boy Who Went Magic” and what happens to them, I would highly recommend you check this book out. It is filled with action, adventure, magic and friendship.