"Someone Like Me"

With Hallmark-like sentiment by Patricia MacLachlan, and burnished illustrations in autumnal shades by Chris Sheban, “Someone Like Me” is a treasure. It’s story returns us to yesteryear, when sipping lemonade on a porch swing was the norm as was lying on a blanket under an apple tree with a good book.

This lovely book is told in a series of scenes from MacLachlan’s childhood, experiences that led to her becoming a writer. The stories her family told include one about “Jack the horse and twelve cows (that) broke through the fence and walked all the way to town,” and another about a beloved dog with three names, “Tommy, Rascal and Come Along.”

At a young age, MacLachlan’s passion for books and visits to the library also are highlighted, seeds planted that led to her love of literature and writing.

“Someone Like Me,” has spreads that are certain to illicit chills, and return readers to a simpler time, in text and illustration. There’s an extra perk to this beaut – it may spark a conversation between grandparents and grandchildren about the past and prompt personal anecdotes to be shared.

“Someone Like Me,” is great buy-ahead for the holidays –a memorable gift for children in kindergarten through 3rd grade.