"Secret Sisters of the Salty Sea"

Two sisters have adventures and grow close on a family getaway in “Secret Sisters of the Salty Sea.” It’s a quiet, atmospheric read by Lynne Rae Perkins that places our feet squarely in the sand, our sights on mesmerizing waves as we relax under colorful beach umbrellas.

This sweet tale tells the story of Alix, her older sister Jools and their parents, the Treffreys. The family of four leaves home in the middle of the night for the long drive to their rental property in a town where all the pastel cottages “ . . . and everything else, (looked like) they were on vacation.” The charming cottages have names like “Spindrift. Whitecaps. Octopus’s Garden.”

As is often the case for first-timers, the family rushes into the ocean, where they immediately have a big surprise. It’s quite an introduction as is meeting the grandmotherly lady they’re renting from, who lives upstairs and just happens to have a granddaughter who becomes fast friends with Alix.

Fun ensues in the lazy, hazy days that follow.

Anyone who’s ever been to the beach will identify with Alix and Jools’ observations and experiences in a book that’s as enticing as a pineapple smoothie with whipped topping. Line drawings add to its appeal. Kids will be hankering for beach time when they read “Secret Sisters of the Salty Sea.” Ages 8-12.