In “Sanctuary,” by Caryl Lix, the main character, Kenzie, is a teenage girl and a guard at Sanctuary, a high-tech prison in space. Everything she has ever learned about the prison comes from rules and regulations dictated by Omnisteller, “the most powerful corporation in the solar system.”

The most important face she’s learned is that super-powered teens are monsters, and dangerous. But when a normal drill makes Kenzie suspect something else is going on, she’ll have to wait for her dad and other guards to leave the prison before she realizes she is right.

The prisoners escape and take Kenzie hostage. However, when the prisoners try using her as bait, they quickly find out that the commander, Kenzie's mother, would rather follow rules than save her own daughter.

Kenzie will have to put everything she once knew about Omnisteller behind her to discover the corporation’s dark secrets. And when something boards the prison, Kenzie will get the help from the ones who are supposed to be the “monsters.”

From a dystopian world with superhuman teenage criminals, to a conspiracy with an unknown presence stalking the prison! This book had everything. I was impressed by the pace of the writing. Usually with a book is this long, it gets hard to keep the action taunt, but the author did an amazing job of keeping me immersed.

I absolutely loved the characters and how they developed from page to page with the perfect amount of character dialogue and action. Even if readers don’t like sci-fi, I’d would still recommend this read, one that’s unforgettable, a fast read that thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end. I'm really excited for what Lix has in store for me in the sequel.