"Riders of the Realm"

For those of you who enjoy the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, I would recommend reading “Riders of the Realm: Across the Dark Water” by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez.

In this book, the country of Anok, the land of the wild pegasi, is being taken over and is at war because of an evil pegasus. A herd of pegasi, a mix of pegasi from different clans called the Storm Herd, plan to cross the Dark Water to get somewhere safe and away from the fighting.

The country of Sandwen is full of Landwalkers, or humans. The herd of pegasi travel there. When the herd is spotted, a pegasus named Shysong is shot and captured. Echofrost, another pegasus, gets captured on purpose to try to rescue Shysong.

While in captivity, they meet other pegasi that were tamed by the Landwalkers. When Echofrost and Shysong learn that they are to be sold at auction, they attempt to escape their captors.

I enjoyed reading this exciting, interesting novel. When I was in fourth and fifth-grade, I read Erin Hunter’s Warrior series. “Riders of the Realm” reminded me of those books because, like the Warriors novels, this story provided an animal’s perspective.

Like the cats in Warriors, the pegasi in this novel lived in groups. The only thing I didn’t like about Alvarez’s novel was that the point of views changed, at times, making it confusing as to whose perspective the story was coming from.

Anyone who enjoys adventures and animals though should give this novel a try.