"Rabbit Moon"

Some picture books are so beautifully illustrated they make you sigh and are a joy to share with a young reader – even if that child is a granddaughter in sixth grade—far beyond the age of lap-seating for a story.

Ours really loved “Rabbit Moon,” a book we read aloud at bedtime, a lovely tale by Jean Kim inspired by Korean folklore. It opens with a sweet-faced raccoon and other animals standing at open windows and on rooftops sailing wishes to the full moon that they’ve written on paper airplanes.

On the moon, a sleek white rabbit gathers the wishes that shimmer like gold, stirring them with a wooden stick until they turn into stars. The rabbit then takes his basket of stars and casts them about, “Wishes fill the sky with light…twinkling in the starry night.”

But rabbit has a wish too—for adventure. He catches a star and floats down to earth, where he lands with a “PLOP.” The raccoon from the beginning of the book happens onto him and helps him up, taking him to a house where all the animals that wrote wishes are gathered.

They give him a hearty welcome and the fun begins for the new friends who have “so much to do. Days of play and fun and light..fade to dark and peaceful nights.”

Dark nights might be good for sleeping but for Rabbit they spell trouble and reality – the dark sky is void of stars –it’s time for him to go back to the moon to turn wishes into stars once again. Goodbyes aren’t easy to say, or accept, but the new faraway friends find a creative way to stay in touch in this magical debut book by a talented author/illustrator we’re sure to hear more from.