"Pig the Winner"

A pug with a piggish appetite for winning gets his just desserts in “Pig the Winner,” a rhyming story by Aaron Blabey with laugh-out-loud illustrations.

No matter what competition Pig participates in he has to come out on top – if he didn’t win “…he’d throw a pink fit. He’d scream and he’d cry and he just wouldn’t quit.”

Pig’s competitive nature and sore loser traits get old pretty fast, and strain the bond he has with his wiener dog pal Trevor, who observes his friend’s behavior with shock and disgust. Trevor tries to warn Pig when he takes his drama too far, in a move that positively bowls the pug over.

There are laughs aplenty in this light-hearted read – and a serious moral lesson too – about graceful art of losing, something children have to be reminded of from time to time.

“Pig the Winner,” is for readers ages 3-5 and for adults who can’t stand to be outbid at the bridge table or resist counting all their strokes on the back nine.